What is information?
Information - is any information about something, the collection of data about a certain object. The scientific definition of information allowed to approach quite versatile, at first glance, the processes from a unified point of view, this way a variety of phenomena in physics brings the concept of energy.

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According to the most common views, information - a product of the reflection system environment, or product self-reflection system. Under the system refers to a material object, placed in a material medium.

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If the objects are any changes, it becomes a source of information, either about the environment, or on the place and its processes. The information is quite physical media such as physical fields, nerve impulses and so n.

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A higher form of reflection characteristic of organisms with central nervous system, in which various information can be folded to a consistent perception. Characteristic of human thought the highest form of reflection of objective reality - consciousness. Our understanding of the phenomena and objects is the highest form of information that can meet and intangible, imaginary objects.
Transmission of information is inherent in all natural phenomena. However, being a passive

reflection of inanimate systems at birth, the information becomes active in the cybernetic or self-managed systems, which include both living organisms and machines. As a very complex cybernetic system can be considered a human brain.
Presentation of information.
Information can be presented in analog or digital form.
If, for example, voltage or current is altered by the same law, that and some other physical quantity, they are called electrical analogs of the physical quantity. Developed by many different parameters in the converters and their electrical counterparts. The vast majority of the converted values ​​change continuously, so they and their electrical counterparts shall, strictly speaking, an infinite set of values. For this reason, the word "analog-became identified with the word" continuous. «It is used now only in this sense.
A discrete or digital representation of information used as a carrier of a physical quantity takes on a finite set of values. It is convenient to denote what a character.

Encoded information can be represented by two fundamentally different ways. The first of these symbols of the code in the form of signals transmitted sequentially, one after another on a single line of communication, the second - faster - a group of symbols transmitted in parallel over multiple communication lines simultaneously.